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My Top 20 Coolest Moments

My “Top 20” coolest moments since turning pro.

By Julius Jooste

Although Hollywood would would like us to believe that May means that“winter is coming” those of us in the know, know what May really means: Summer in Ibiza is around the corner. In a shameless attempt to promote my services I have drawn up a “Top 20” of my absolute favourite moments behind the camera since turning pro in 2013.

I am super grateful that the universe has blessed me with all these amazing experiences and am crazy excited to see what new stories, friends and near death experiences the next few years will hold. Had I known sooner how amazing life outside my comfort zone would be, I would have quit my job and lived life on my own terms much sooner.
So, without further adieu, I present to you: My Top 20 Coolest Moments since turning pro.

20. Pete Doherty (The Libertines) stage diving at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Having been a big fan of The Libertines in varsity I couldn’t pass up a chance to see the lads live in concert. True to his reputation, Pete Doherty walked onto stage completely loaded and misjudged a stage dive half way through his set.
To my amazement, he recovered and finished the set without a hiccup.


19. A secret boudoir shoot with the Bob Sinclar’s Paris by Night Dancers

Having been asked by Princess Paradise Group (the island’s premiere go-go and image girl agency) to come onboard as their official photographer. I was given a unique opportunity to photograph the Bob Sinclar image girls in his hotel room before his opening party at Pacha

18. CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival) and their great Press Area

My first time attending CTEMF I had already finished my first season in Ibiza and was convinced that I had experienced the crème de la crème of press treatment, procedure and protocol. Little did I know that what I would experience at the CTEMF 2014 press area would become the standard to which I compare all future press areas.The press area included: Free Wifi (a must for live event coverage), A fridge filled with free Redbull, water and other non-alcoholic beverages, lockers for camera equipment (with a pad lock to which YOU choose the combination), delicious hot dogs, very comfortable seating arrangements, a well lit interview area for pre and post performance interviews, big tents that offer shade and protection from the rain, an artist area separate from media and an amazingly difference collection of artists and fans.

17. Sneaking into the Golden Circle with my camera at a Foo Fighters concert

I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan for as long as I can remember so when they announced that they would be touring South Africa, I knew that I would have to do more than simply attend.I got my sister to by me a ticket as a birthday gift in the seated area all the way in the back. Which is perfect when you no longer find the mosh pit amusing, And without saying much to anyone, I packed my camera (and lenses) along with a selection of coloured wristbands (to flash to security when entering specific areas) and set out to take a photo from the golden circle of Dave and the gang in all their glory.
For anyone wanting to try this, I say this. The secret, is in the walk. If you look like you belong there, no one is going to question you.

16. Every time Stimming plays South Africa

Having done a DJ101 course at Soul Candi Cape Town, I was introduced too (and fell in love) with the deep melodic house grooves of German producer Martin Stimming. Upon my return from my first season in Ibiza, Ryan Murgatroyd, who was also my lecturer at the time, invited me to do the video of the Cape Town leg of Stimming’s Tour. It was amazing.
A year later, I managed to attend Truth’s 20th Anniversary where Stimming was headlining the event.


15. Catalogue shoot for bohemian fashion brand: FreeLove Ibiza

Dancers get a really bad wrap in my opinion. Granted, there are a few rotten apples the majority of them are tenacious business women who excel at growing networks and developing multiple income streams. The most successful groups tend to form a strong family bond under the guise of a fashion label or brand. The FreeLove Ibiza fashion label, which is lead my designer and chief Casandra Martinez, is perhaps the best example of unconditional love I have ever come across. The love and understanding thy have for one another is remarkably inspirational and I am of the opinion that everyone one of use could use more FreeLove in our lives.

14. Sunsets at Benirras Beach

This gem of a spot was only discovered during my third season on the island. It is a traditional sun-set drumming circle where locals meet to send off a long and strenuous week and usher in a new one.

13. Press Conferences for Ultra South Africa

I mostly only interact with DJs and musicians in venues where it is loud and dark. So getting to sit down and talk with them in a “formal” setting is always a treat.

Ultra South Africa Press Conference 2014 – Cape Town, South Africa

Ultra South Africa Press Conference 2015 – Cape Town, South Africa

12. SuperMartXe

For those not in the know, SuperMartXe is the Guinness Book of Record’s best party and it is hosted in Privilege which is the world’s largest club. Friday nights on Ibiza are set alight with a spectacular collection of pyrotechnics, confetti, performances and superstar DJs. Themes for each week are different and range from Gladiator, VIP Room, Arabian Fantasy, The Future is Now, Asian Fantasy, Tomorrowland, Brazilian Rain Forrest and the infamous Pornostar party which includes a live sex show.
Everything about this party is spectacular! It cleverly integrates entertainment and art with technology and electronic music.

11. The international DJ awards at Pacha

For those who have slaved away for a season the International DJ Awards is more than the hottest ticket in town it is a sign that the end of the summer is finally drawing near.
Even more entertaining though, is to see the DJs, artist and managers take a load off and enjoy the fruits of what was most certainly a crazy summer.

International DJ Awards 2014 – Pacha, Ibiza

International DJ Awards 2015 – Pacha, Ibiza

10. A Night with Black Coffee at Ushuaia’s After Dark

I rate this night so highly because of what started there. A collection of South African decision makers banded together to attend the International Music Summit and it lead to South Africa winning Dance nation of the year and Black Coffee winning Breakthrough Artists of the year at the 2015 International DJ awards.

A Night with Black Coffee, Ushuaïa After Dark, Ibiza

10B - A Night with Black Coffee-01_juliusjooste
10B - A Night with Black Coffee-02_juliusjooste

South African panel members, International Music Summit 2015 – Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

9. Penthouse shoot for Tom Novy

I love Tom Novy because he unconsciously gives you permission to be crazy too. The first time I met him was outside of Ushuaia sticking promo-stickers on the walls, street signs and benches for his Timeless event at Lio. It was refreshing to see a DJ get his hands dirty for the cause and I have the utmost respect for him because of his level of honesty and integrity.

After having covered his events for a few seasons I was asked to do one of my signature glamour shoots for him. The story was about how DJs shouldn’t take them too seriously and Tom just completely gave himself to the role. We were both very pleased by the result. It was not until much later that I was informed that Penthouse wanted the story for their December edition.

09 -Tom Novy Penthouse-01_juliusjooste

Article extract courtesy of Penthouse Germany

8. Plastik Funk and their awesome yet humble VIP lifestyle.

I met Plastik Funk a.k.a Rafa and Mikio through a mutual friend and often get called to take photos for them in Ibiza. The venues they play at often have super strict accreditation procedures and don’t allow freelance photographers inside to take photos. Usually when this happens I pack up my camera and head on home. But with these guys I was asked to hang around and chill with them for a bit. Little did I know that this would lead to sitting in Ushuaia’s artist area with Avicci’s entourage and later rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in the VIP area at Paris Hilton’s Foam and Diamonds event in Amnesia.
The boys have a touring schedule that put most headliners to shame and it is always refreshing to to hear how smart and proactive they are about their careers and personal lives.

7. Paul Kalkbrenner at Destino

To my everlasting shame, I did not know who Paul Kalkbrenner was until he was standing in front of me at Destino playing to a packed house where he was announced the surprise guest to open Destino alongside the ever deep Solomun.
His unconventional live-production-like performance completely blew me away. Seeing electronic music orchestrated without the use of CDJs brought a sense of childlike wonder to me. Needless to say, a collection of Paul Kalkbrenner songs were playing on loop at my apartment for months on end.


6. Armin Van Buuren at Privilege for A State of Trance

Admittedly, my love for this event stems from an appreciation for production. Filling the world’s biggest club to the brim every Monday is no easy task and all credit goes to the promo teams, performers and event organisers that put one of Ibiza’s most notorious events together.

Armin Van Buuren Presents A State of Trance – 2013 – Privilege, Ibiza

Armin Van Buuren Presents A State of Trance – 2014 – Ushuaïa, Ibiza

5. Landing the gig as the Official Photographer for the Mega 90er tour.

Growing up in the 90s was amazing. It was the beginning of an era that served as a precursor for things to come. I remember the days of dial-up modems, Nokia cell phones, setting the VCR to record my favourite TV shows and music videos and staying up late listening to the radio while playing LEGO. School dances (which were my favourite) were dominated by chart toppers from 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Whigfield, East 17, Culture Beat, Snap! And Mr. President.
Imagine my delight when my manager confirmed that I would be touring with my childhood heroes for a couple of months.

4. Every time Carl Cox steps behind the decks.

With it being Carl’s last season on the island it is really easy to get sentimental. But let’s face it. The closing of  Music is Revolution signifies the end of an era in Ibiza and we can only hope and pray that whatever is next is half as entertaining as what “the friendliest guy in the industry” shared with us. During the past four years I have attended more than 30 of Coxie’s events and not once did I leave disappointed. His last season is bound to be something spectacular and I for one am thankful that they agreed to host their opening night on my birthday. which is Tuesday, 14 June incase you were wondering.

3. Faithless at BBC Radio 1 Takeover 2015

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this list is based on my own personal experience. So naturally, it is going to depict my own personal taste and is perhaps not the most accurate depiction of what is and isn’t the best parties in Ibiza of the past couple of years. That being said, having witnessed the awesomeness that is Faithless perform with a live and full ensemble band, a dream that started almost 20 years ago was finally realised.
To this day I think about how I would fall asleep to a 4 track EP of Insomnia and dream about what it would be like to one day visit the white island of Ibiza.

2. Glamour shoots with the dancers of Ibiza

The lovely dancers of Ibiza played a major role in helping me overcome serious heartache, massive financial setback and serious bouts of depression. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that had it not been for the grace, beauty, kindness and support of these amazing women, I would not be alive today. Granted things are not always sunshine and butterflies I am grateful to have met and worked with every single one of you. I love you all dearly and wish you nothing but happiness and success in the years to come.

1. Ibiza Opening and Closing Parties

The magic behind these amazing parties lie in what they signify. Opening parties signal the end of winter and the beginning of yet another crazy summer season. And closing parties signify that the countless nights spent working with little or no sleep are slowly drawing to an end and that life might return to normal any day now.
Let’s not forget that it is the sheer level of spectacle, fantasy and superb line ups that make these events as extraordinary as they are. It’s easy to see see why they are not just my favourite but everyone’s.

Opening Parties, Ibiza

Closing Parties, Ibiza